Who has attended more skating sessions at Harbour Station than any other person?

Oct 2016 ~ As Harbour Skating celebrates two decades of skating at Harbour Station, we want to send a group hug & a bunch of high fives to the person who has attended more skating sessions than anyone else. Harbour Skating’s Mr. Music, Ron Maloney, has played for very nearly every skating session at Harbour Station since day one way back in the mid 1990’s.

With a perfect view high above the ice, Ron & his keyboard are the wind beneath our wings. He plays everything from the Big Band’s, “In the Mood”, to Pop’s “New York New York”, to the Classic’s “Blue Danube”, to the Military’s “Colonel Bogey”. Ron is well aware of the tempo required to make us skaters happy and our skating effortless.

20th Anniversary Finale – “Celebrating Our Skating Past”:

Oct 2016 ~ To mark Harbour Skating’s two decades at Harbour Station, we are going to revisit our skating past and a skating tradition. The St. Mary’s Band will play for adult skating at Harbour Station on Monday evening, December 5th.

In the past, Canadian skaters often glided around the ice to the music of a brass band. Whether it was back in the 1860’s at the Victoria Skating Rink in Saint John or at Lancaster’s Centennial Arena in the 1970’s or in Dominion NS until recently or in Guelph ON to this day, brass bands have often provided the skating beat.

The St. Mary’s Band was the last brass band to play for adult skating in Saint John. The band & its predecessor, the Lancaster Legion Band, played twice a week for adult skaters at the Peter Murray (Centennial) Arena up until the early 1980’s.


Oct 2016 ~ Harbour Skating Club applauds the following skaters for exceptional attendance at skating sessions during the 2015-2016 season.

14/14 Sessions:

 Ken Johnson

 Esther Magee

 Jim Magee

13/14 Sessions:

 Colby Fraser

 Donna Larooi

 Nancy Fraser

 Oscar Leblanc

 Fred Hossack

 Don Noble

 Barb Johnson

 Adrian Thornton

 Dirk Larooi

12/14 Sessions:

 Bruce Capson

11/14 Sessions:

 Trena Galbraith

 Al Shaheedi

 Sandy Noble

10/14 Sessions:

 Margie Brewer

 Margaret Mabey

Mr. Harbour Skating - A Tip of the Hat

Oct 2015 ~ In this 20th anniversary year for Harbour Skating Club, a tip of the hat goes to PETER JONES. Peter was among the original founding group of Harbour Skating Club. Over most of Harbour Skating’s 20 years, Peter was really MR. HARBOUR SKATING. He was its organizer, accountant, promoter, record keeper, skate night greeter, and one very smooth skater. He quietly kept adult skating alive in Saint John.

20 for 20 CAMPAIGN:

Oct 2015 ~ To mark the 20th Anniversary of Harbour Skating Club, there will be a 20 for 20 campaign this season where skaters are encouraged to celebrate the milestone and contribute to the future of adult skating at Harbour Station by becoming:


• A 20 for 20 Supporter by contributing $1 for each of Harbour Skating’s 20 years (Total $20)




• A 20 for 20 Super Supporter by contributing $5 for each of Harbour Skating’s 20 years (Total $100)

If you are interested in seeing skating at Harbour Station continue in future years, you are asked to give some thought to being part of this campaign. Receipts will be issued for all contributions.


Nov 2015 ~ Harbour Skating Club is very proud of skaters who had exceptional attendance at skating sessions during the 2014-2015 season. Their very strong attendance showed their commitment to this sport and to Harbour Skating:


• Colby Fraser (14 sessions /14 sessions)


• Bruce Capson (13/14)


• Oscar Leblanc (13/14)


• Marg Mabey (13/14)


• Mike McEvoy (13/14)

Attending 70% or more of our skating nights last season were the following skaters:

12 sessions/14 sesions

Trena Galbaith

Alison Hannah

Dirk Larooi

Donna Larooi

Al Shaheedi

11 sessions/14 sesions

Malcolm Blakney

Margie Brewer

Donna Folkins

Esther Magee

Jim Magee

Charles McNutt

Sandra Michaud

10 sessions/14 sesions

Fred Hossack (Fredericton)

Glen Lamb

Brenda McKinnon

Sandy Noble


Aug 2014 ~ Sandy Mcdonald, a long-time Harbour Skating Club member, passed away this summer. Sandy last donned his skates with Harbour Skating Club a couple of years ago and only had to hang up his blades following a spill while biking. Not really notable unless you knew that Sandy was into his 90’s at the time.

To say the least, Sandy was unique. His booming voice and laugh kept our dressing rooms lively. He was a powerful skater who skated the whole ice, end to end, and deep into the corners. And, Sandy was probably the only Harbour Station skater who could sing or recite poetry to his skating partners as well as talk to them. Sandy lived life large and enjoyed every day – he was a great guy!


Oct 2014 ~ Harbour Skating Club is very proud of two skaters who participated in every skating session during the 2013-2014 season.

Carol Anne Foley & Bruce Capson, both long-time skaters, attended all skating nights last season. They will each be awarded certificates to recognize their commitment to this sport on November 3rd, the 1st skating night for 2014-2015.