HOW MUCH: The cost to skate is $8 per skater per night.

WHERE TO PAY: Skaters enter by the West end door of Harbour Station and proceed along the corridor to Harbour Skating’s registration table which is outside the Club’s dressing room. You can pay for your skating at that table.

50/50 NIGHTLY DRAW: A 50/50 draw is held each skating night. Tickets are 3 for $2 or 1 for $1. These tickets are available at the 50/50 table near the dressing room door. Draw occurs halfway through the evening. Harbour Skating’s share of 50/50 goes to operating expenses.

CLUB FINANCES: Harbour Skating is a non-profit organization and runs on a limited and tight budget. To fully cover costs with just nightly skating fees, an attendance of 50 skaters is needed.

With promotion and the help of each skater in recruiting friends, co-workers and family to join us, our numbers increased in 2015-2016 and came closer to that magic figure of 50 per night. For the shortfalls, Harbour Skating relies on corporate sponsorships, municipal grants and special donations from skaters.

SPECIAL SKATER SUPPORT: If you enjoy your skating nights at Harbour Station and wish to help it continue into the future, why not give skating a little extra support, Special skater donations are gratefully accepted & receipted at the registration desk on any skate night.